Vivo V9: An Impressive iPhone X Clone at an Affordable Price

Posted on Apr 10 2018 - 10:00pm by Vikash
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Vivo V9 just arrived. This latest smartphone from Vivo which has already made a niche reputation of offering feature-rich phones in an affordable budget is the latest addition to the company’s lineup. But unlike most other phones from the company so far, this one has the distinction of boasting of a similar look and feel like iPhone X which is arguably the most advanced smartphone with an ambitious price tag. Naturally, the new Vivo V9 is being dubbed as the true lookalike of iPhone X offered on a budget. That’s not a bad compliment for a budget smartphone.

It is not just lookalike, it feel-alike to iPhone X as well

Are you too impressed with iPhone X? But do you consider the price too heavy for your pocket? What about getting a cheaper smartphone that looks and feels similar to your dream phone? Well, if that really seems like a value proposition the new Vivo V9 is just the right choice for you. It comes as a powerful package with several cutting-edge features and fairly robust performance attributes that you can expect in this budget. It is not at all just a cheap copy of iPhone X that just flaunts a look. It has real substance to make a powerful phone.

Vivo V9

Vivo V9
Display Size 6.3-inch
Resolution2280 x 1080
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor
Rear CameraDual 16MP+5MP
Front Camera24MP

Vivo V9 Design

As of now most discussions about Vivo V9 concerned mainly the design aspects, just because it flaunts a similar look like the iPhone X. But, giving close attention you can easily detect several differences as well. Vivo V9 comes with almost a zero bezel, all-screen front with a notch on top of the screen and that looks pretty similar to the iPhone X. On the backside also, the phone offers a vertical stack of dual cameras just like iPhone X.

But, in regard to the material used and overall build-quality it comes far behind iPhone X. While iPhone X flaunts a glass-and-steel body, Vivo V9 just lacks the hardware into a plastic body with a metallic shine. The body is far from scratch proof as the testing suggested. So, don’t expect a premium body when buying Vivo V9.

The display stands out

If there is one aspect that makes this phone stands out from the rest it is the 19:9 display that takes over the entire front side of the phone with a little bezel around it. At a glance, it undoubtedly looks impressive. The 90 percent screen to body ratio and a different aspect ratio of 19:9 makes it stand out from several other Android flagships.

The display of Vivo V9 also enjoys the superior quality protection and fluid touch responsiveness of Corning Gorilla Glass 3. When it comes to picture quality, the display screen offers of 2280 x 1080 pixel resolution delivering crisp images and balanced video. The only downside of the display is that it does not provide clarity when running in outdoor light or under sunlight.

The buttons, speakers and fingerprint scanner

Vivo V9 follows the convention as usual for rest of the hardware elements for control. There are power and volume buttons placed on the right and there is SIM tray on the left. When it comes to the audio, it just offers a single speaker at the bottom which really sounds robust and crisp. V9 offers a headphone jack allowing listening through the ired microphone.

The fingerprint scanner is placed on the backside of the phone. As far as the testing result is concerned the fingerprint scanner works pretty well for authentication purposes.

Vivo V9 Performance

V9 comes loaded with a Snapdragon 626 processor and 4GB RAM. When you compare the performance with other smartphones at this price, it looks pretty impressive. You become particularly impressed with its performance when playing games on it for extended hours. For storage options, you have 64GB inbuilt storage that can be expanded up to 256GB with a MicroSD card.

Vivo V9 is run on latest Android Oreo topped with Vivo’s own FunTouch 4.1 UI. The positive side of this new UI is that you have a gesture-based navigation at your disposal just like iPhone X. You have a facial recognition feature as well and that works pretty well even in low light or semi-dark condition. The face recognition feature of Vivo V9 can also detect faces wearing glasses and goggles.

Battery life

Battery life in Vivo V9 looks impressive after the initial testing. The 3260mAh battery can run a full day with moderate to high usage with just a single charge. While battery life looks like a positive attribute of this new Vivo offering, it lacks a fast charging mechanism.


Vivo V9 Camera

On the camera front, Vivo V9 offers a vertically stacked dual camera on the backside with 16MP and 5MP sensors respectively. The dual camera also accompanies a single LED flash. The image quality as suggested by the testing results is quite impressive, especially when you compare the output of other smartphone cameras in this range. Vivo V9 grabs quite sharp and detailed images except in very low light conditions. On the front side, you have a 24MP selfie camera. The front camera being powered by AI-based beautify mode can deliver great selfie pics with contrast optimised and colours corrected.

Final Verdict

Vivo V9 is a great smartphone at an affordable price but make no mistake by comparing it with leading flagships like Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X.
If you are looking for a budget smartphone with a powerful pack of features, this iPhone X lookalike just seems to be a good choice.

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