Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Iphone X: Comparing The Two Leading Smartphones

Posted on Dec 18 2017 - 3:27pm by Vikash

The iPhone X, the latest flagship phone from Apple literally stormed into the smartphone scene with a nearly all-screen design, a superb display, most powerful specs and several cutting edge features. But you are grossly wrong if you think it stole the show as the most impressive smartphone of recent time. Samsung Galaxy S8 is equally a great phone with most sophisticated features and specs. It also has a large screen, most sophisticated design and several high-end features.

Let us compare these two smartphones in a head to head scenario.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Iphone X

Quick Comparison Table:

Iphone XSamsung Galaxy S8
Display Size6-inch5.8-inch
Processor A11Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Rear CameraDual 12MP12MP
Front Camera7MP8MP
Battery2716mAh3000 mAh

Design: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

When it comes to design both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 shares few similarities in respect of design. Both smartphones have their backs med of glass and have solid metal frame. Most interestingly, both the phones have little bezel around their screens.

While in case of the iPhone X the real bezel just amounts to a small ‘notch’ on top of the display holding its front camera and sensors, Samsung Galaxy S8 is just free from any bezel. While the S8 display is curved around the edges, the iPhone X display does not.

Both smartphones enjoy high durability with the Galaxy S8 being IP68-certified which means it can stay intact while being submerged up to 1.5 meters into the water for as long as 30 minutes. The iPhone X on the other hand, is resistant to water and dust to only a microscopic level.

Both the phones have serious differences in colours and appearance as well. While the Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in several shades including Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Arctic Silver, Coral Blue and Maple Gold, iPhone X is just available two shades, respectively as Space Gray and Silver.

Display: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The display of both the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 are impressive and awesome with 5.8-inch OLED screens. Both the phones deliver HDR quality visuals filling up the front screen. The only major difference in display is that the display of the S8’s is curved in contrast to the flat display of the iPhone X.

When it comes to resolutions, S8 fairly beats the iPhone X with sharper image quality. It boasts of 1440 x 2960 for 570 resolution compared to the 2436 x 1125 for 458 pixel count of iPhone X. But iPhone X coming with a True Tone display can actually adjust the white as per the surroundings.

Now coming to interaction over the display, iPhone X offers 3D Touch to help you interacting with different menus and apps in multitude of ways using various kinds of taps. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S8 allows you swiping across the curved edges to interact with menus and app shortcuts.

OS and power: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The iPhone X famously boasts of the brand-new A11 Bionic chipset of Apple which is said to be the faster performing chipset of Apple as of now. It also boasts of 3GB RAM to boost the speed. The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Snapdragon 835 chipset which is fairly common in all major flagship phones and it uses 4GB of RAM.

While those numbers might sound bigger, Apple’s phones never fail to impress from a power perspective, so we’re confident the iPhone X will give the S8 a run for its money. We’ll let you know exactly how powerful it seems once we’ve had some time with it. While iPhone X comes with two storage options such as 64GB and 256GB, the S8 has only 64GB inbuilt storage to offer, though with micro SD card you can expand the memory up to 256GB. Both phones are run with latest OS versions of their respective platforms, iOS 11 for iPhone X and Android Nougat for Samsung Galaxy S8.

Camera: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The iPhone X offers a 12MP dual-lens camera with a lot of new skills punched in.

The camera among many things allows you to use bokeh effect which means blurring the background of images for a more DSLR like output. Both the lenses are equipped to prevent shakes and shivers in focus with optical image stabilization. As for video output, it is capable to shoot 4K video at 60fps and 1080p slow-motion video at 240fps. It also offers AR enabled features to help next generation photo apps to offer smarter features.

In the front iPhone X comes with 7MP camera which is equally capable to ensure depth of field in images. In the front there is a 3D face scanner that powers the new Face ID feature real allowing the user to unlock the device and app through just face recognition. It is intelligent enough to understand the differences even when you are wearing a hat or glasses.

Samsung Galaxy S8 offers only a single lens 12MP rear camera. But it has rich set of features like optical image stabilization and can offer great, detailed shots, with the help of wide f/1.7 aperture allowing better light than most smartphone cameras. It can capture 4K video at 30fps and 1080p video at 60fps. It also offers a 8MP front camera. It has a face scanner as well, though it is only able to scan a 2D image of the face.

Battery: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Though the battery size of the iPhone X’s remains unknown it is said to offer at least 2 hours of more battery life than iPhone 7. The battery also supports wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is loaded with a 3,000mAh battery that can last for a whole day with a full charge. It also supports wireless charging.

Price: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8

iPhone X is priced at $999 for the 64GB model and $1,149 for the 256GB model.
On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S8, costs just $725 fir the only 64GB model it offers.

Final Verdict

Both the phones share a lot of similarities making the choice further hard to make. Both the phones have big 5.8-inch screen, a glass made backside, water resistant body, powerful processor and wireless charging.

But when it comes to differences, the iPhone X display is flat compared to the curved display of the Galaxy S8. The iPhone X offers a dual-lens camera compared to the single lens camera of the Galaxy S8. Lastly, iPhone X offers multiple storage options extending up to 256GB while S8 is limited to just 64GB. So, iPhone X slightly edges out the S8 in overall parameters but for the Android users S8 is still the leading flagship phone.

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