OnePlus 5T: Another Stunning Addition in the Smartphone Market

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 8:08pm by Vikash
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If you were thinking whether the Android market really got something in recent time that challenged others in specs and look, you have this OnePlus 5T for you. By many comparisons and regards it is one of the shrewdest smart handhelds in the present market. From new tweaks to design to lovable specs to a gamut of value added features, this latest OnePlus offering can just swing your head in admiration.

OnePlus 5T

The most commendable thing about this new smartphone is without really offering too many new things it managed to create an identity with a good package of specs, features and design. It is seriously worth a review just because it offered a good alternative to many big guns in the Android smartphone market.

Quick look at Specification:

Oneplus 5T
Display Size 6.01-inch
Resolution 1080x2160
ProcessorSnapdragon 835
Rear CameraDual 16 MP
Front Camera16 MP

OnePlus 5T design and display

Once again, it the screen that came in the focus even with the design of OnePlus 5T. While every other device is pushing on the screen to appear with as less bezel as possible, OnePlus 5T rather went for taller screen which visibly different from most other smartphones in the market. The 18:9 screen with almost no border around is a gem to look at and enjoy visuals and videos. This alone sets apart this new smartphone from the rest. While the curved screen of Samsung’s latest offering seems way ahead of others, among the closely following contenders OnePlus 5T comes as a credible choice at least due to its long screen design.

OnePlus 5T screen has a diagonal measurement of 6.01 inches and a resolution of 1080×2160. The screen of OnePlus 5T uses AMOLED technology offering bright and sharp display with highly saturated visual quality. Though it could not completely shrug off black borders around it, at least this time they tend to be thinner.

When it comes to the body and built it is made of aluminium and in contrast to the predecessor OnePlus devices it is made available only in Midnight Black colour. The phone really looks solid and sturdy but does not look as glamorous as the latest flagship phones of both Apple and Samsung. The worst thing about it’s body is that it is not waterproof or dust proof.

Almost same specs as predecessor

OnePlus 5T has almost changed nothing in respect of hardware when compared to its predecessor. In spite of the rumor that a mid-year upgrade of Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 is about to appear besides being used by OnePlus 5T, the same Snapdragon 835 SoC powers the phone. You have two different storage options for the phone, respectively as the basic one with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and the other with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

As for connectivity the phone supports VoLTE and 4G on both of its dual SIMs but allows you to use only one at a given time. OnePlus 5T comes equipped with a whole array of smart sensors that include electronic compass and gyroscope. It offers USB Type-C port capable to work at USB 2.0 speed.

Awesome battery life

One of the most commendable thing about OnePlus 5T is battery life. With 3300mAh capacity the battery fairly works the whole day even while you use it for all sorts of power savvy functions like game playing, photo and video shooting and video watching. If you even watch videos continuously, the battery will keep your phone stay alive for more than 13 hours. With normal uses, the battery can comfortably last for two days or more.

Camera: Still to improve a lot

Like many other top notch flagship smartphones that have been released in recent times OnePlus 5t also comes with dual rear cameras including a primary camera capable to do its job when lights are plenty and the other specially made for low light photography. The primary camera in good light condition delivers sharp images with bright colours but it does not prove impressive in output in a cloudy day or low light dusk. The primary camera offers better output in close ups than with landscapes. The first few images captured using portrait mode looked a bit artificial and this can be a serious shortcoming when other flagship phones are nearly delivering sharp DSLR quality portraits.

The other rear camera only works good in low light condition. In fact, you cannot decide to use it unless the phone automatically decides using this secondary rear camera when the light condition is really darker and shadowy. This camera rather proved satisfactory in results with its f/1.7 lens and software boost. This camera basically utilises the trusted technique of aligning four pixels into one with the use of the higher-density sensor to ensure better light sensitivity. Most results of proved awesomely crisp irrespective of the low light condition. The camera really could handle the noise and grain well.

When it comes to the front camera, it is pretty workable for all types if quick uses and snaps to upload. According to the company the camera is equipped with a powerful algorithm for beautification and this works differently for various ethnicities. Depending on whether you are Chinese, Indian, African or Caucasian, the phone will boost your selfie snaps to look more beautiful. It is certainly a never-before feature that the phone can proudly boasts off as a selling point to grab the attention of selfie crazed audience.

OnePlus 5T grabs video at various quality and frame speeds that include 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, or 720p slow motion at 120fps. Except the slow motion video which seems to lack a little clarity, in other parameters it delivers awesome video output. With a smooth, bright and crisp video output OnePlus 5T seems to have everything to be dubbed as an outstanding phone.

Final Verdict

As a smartphone brand OnePlus has evolved over the years. But it always came with something new with each of its flagship launches every year. Just the previous year, the company came with OnePlus 3T replacing the earlier OnePlus 3 model as the new device came with the power of a new processor. With the present OnePlus 5T it is the new type of long screen display that gave the device a unique twist. Apart from representing the changes between older and new devices it represents the search for value additions as well.

OnePlus 5T seems to have a few competitive edges in display, battery life and camera features, but when you compare all these with the ones offered by the big brands, it still seems compromising on several aspects.

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