Honor7x: Specification And Review

Posted on Feb 20 2018 - 4:46pm by Vikash
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If you are not an alien to this tech world you must be knowing already that Honor is actually a sub-brand of the Huawei. Already this brand made quite a stir in the smartphone market with its awesomely superb display, elegantly designed and feature rich phones. Honor 9 in the recent times made quite a noise with a package of great aesthetics and performance packed in a reasonably priced phone.

In comparison to that Honor 7X is only praiseworthy if your bring down your expectations a few steps down. But the biggest positive point about this 7X is it’s really affordable price tag while offering quite an attractive all metal built and cute design.


Honor 7x
Display Size 5.93-inch
Resolution2160 x 1920
ProcessorKirin 659
Rear Camera16MP
Front Camera8MP
Storage 64GB/256GB

• Honor 7X: Design

Honor 7X is unmistakably good-looking though it is never unique. While from the rear side it looks much like the iPhone 6 with a full metal body and smooth rounded corners, on the front side the illusion gets broken with a large display Android look so common with HTC phones.

Honor 7X is not slim and sleek as many expected from it. Rather it is a bit thicker 7.6mm thickness and it weighs 165g. The only thing that really steals the show is the big screen and almost zero level display to bezel ratio. It flaunts a all screen front design just like the latest iPhone X, though it offers no notch in the upper side.

• Honor 7X: Display

While most of the smartphone flagships are embracing all screen design after experimenting a few years with large screen, Honor is likely to follow this trend. With the new Honor 7X we have another all screen display phone in the market. But apart from flaunting a total screen on the front side, it also offers crisp resolution with great pixel count.

The 5.93-inch LCD screen of Honor 7X comes with 2160 x 1920 resolution which is quite dense compared to most other flagships in the market. The screen is a little longer than the usual and it offers 18:9 aspect ratio compared to the 16:9 ratio common with most other smartphones in the market.

Though this seems very similar to what we experience with the screen of iPhone X here you have a true rectangle shape for your visuals to appear. As for colour accuracy it seems perfect and brightness is also pretty fine. The only negative aspect is the absence of an OLED display which is much needed for high contrast media send photos.

• Honor 7X: Performance

If you are expecting a really matchless performance Honor 7X with its Kirin 659 CPU can just deliver that. This processor developed a few months back by the Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon has already passed most benchmark tests and is comparable to the CPU performance of major flagships.

From most demanding apps like 3D games to multiple media playing apps along with several memory savvy apps running concurrently, the CPU performance leaves no room for glitches or slowdowns. It also offers a stunning 4GB RAM which is at least 1GB more than what most other budget phones offer. The phone comes with fairly generous 64GB storage which can further be expanded to 256GB of storage with the help of SD card.

• Honor 7X: Software

Honor 7X is expected to come loaded with the last version of Android which is Android Nougat. While Android Oreo as the latest version is generally expected for a new flagship, this one version down Android software just doesn’t matter much.

• Honor 7X: Camera

One of the most noteworthy thing about the new Honor 7X is it’s awesome camera and imaging features. It closely follows the lead position of the Honor 9 and also comes loaded with a dual-lens set-up. The only difference is here the secondary lens is not used for zooming or taking wide-angle views. Basically the second lens in the setup just works as complimentary along with the first one. It can only add extra depth besides the prime lens with 16MP sensor.

Honor7x Camera

Honestly speaking, if you use the Honor 7X for photo shooting in places with strong and eye catchy lights, it shells out really impressive and vivid shots. Moreover, while you short landscape, it offers a right balance without blowing any subtle thing out. But when it comes to shooting in poor or less than average light, it offers superb results. On the front side you have a 8MP camera. For a budget camera with a load of features and functionalities and a great affordable price tag, this is simply the most competitive smartphone market.

Honor 7X: Battery Life

The Honor 7X offers a 3340mAh battery which is almost the same as the previous Honor 6X before it. The larger battery size coupled up with latest power saving features would give this phone heavy capability for running at random. As per the company this new Honor phone can play video for as long as 12 hours at a stretch with just a single charge. That is really impressive for the battery power of a budget phone.

• Honor 7X Specifications

Let us have a quick look at the specifications that describe the phone in a nutshell.

Price: £225.00
LCD screen: 5.93-inch 2160 x 1920
CPU: Kirin 659
Storage: 64GB expandable to 256GB with the help of microSD card.
Camera: 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera.

Final Verdict

If you have already been in love with all those glossy smartphones equipped with stunning large screen, Honor 7X is just the ideal phone to choose from. In fact, this all screen design is something that remains common with most flagship phones in the market.

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