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Posted on Jan 10 2018 - 7:19pm by Vikash
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Honor View 10 which has been launched recently was much awaited as one of the most future ready and ambitious smartphones with lots of features. It is considered also to be the most good-looking phone from the brand. No doubt, all these comes with a hefty price tag making it the most expensive smartphone from the brand as well.

Looking at the different attributes, the things that really go in favour of the phone are the impressive specs available still at a much affordable price compared to the ace smartphone brands. Secondly, it instantly gives you a look and feel visually dominant as the major flagships in the market.


Honor View 10
Display Size5.99-inch
ProcessorKirin 970 SoC
Rear CameraDual 16MP/20MP
Front Camera13MP

Following or toeing the trend?

This new smartphone from Honor seems to showcase all the attributes of latest smartphone trend along with a gamut of advanced features. It offers several trendy features without really making the device a really expensive one. Honor View 10 offering several top of the shelf smartphone features at an affordable price is just following a trend that is too prominent with many flagship smartphones in recent years.

Where it really stood apart from most smartphones and actually set a different example is it’s being tagged as the first “AI phone” referring to an array of intelligent capabilities of the device. The View 10 as a smartphone equals Huawei Mate 10 in respect of several premium attributes like the 18:9 aspect ratio, a robust Kirin 970 processor and an embedded NPU (neural processing unit).

In spite of looking so similar to the flagship of the Huawei in 2017 it just takes the competition in its favour simply because of an awesome price advantage. While latest Huawei flagship is expected to bear a price tag of $600 in the US, Honor is expected to just stick to $449 in the the same market. Considering all these, Honor View 10 seems to enjoy a clear lead in the smartphone market with unmatched value for money.


When it comes to design, Honor View 10 follows the design trend of 2017 which made many flagships turn towards bezel-less and all-screen design. The device just do away with the thick bezels and comes with a thin bezel around the screen from all sides. All the thin strip of bezel around the screen holds the front-facing camera, ear speaker and its fingerprint sensor.

The thin bezel design really took off as an aesthetic preference simply because it helps flagships easily flaunt larger screens. Without really making the screen bigger the minimum bezel make the screen pop out and that is precisely what Honor View followed for design. The Honor View 10 comes with 5.99-inch LCD display and it outshines many smartphones with a stunning 2,160 x 1,080 resolution display. It delivers better display quality than even the LG Q6, at least the first impressions confirm that.

The design of the Honor View 10 also has a few signature style elements. It comes with a little curved glass finish that easily gets merged into the crisp aluminum body of the phone. Except the antenna bands that sticks out like the OnePlus 5T it perfectly delivers a smooth and organic design.

When you consider the practical aspects of the design it just delivers several familiar and useful elements. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack along with one jack for USB-C charging. The fingerprint sensor offered by the device can be used for one-finger navigation in the same place where the standard Android navigation bar is located.


As of now, most reviewers only possessed an impression about the phone based on the early version and they are still waiting for the formal launch with the View 10 coming loaded with the brand’s latest software referred as EMUI 8.0. So, judging performance of the original device is a bit difficult with the device still not available with its intended software.

In spite of the fact that this smartphone came to us with incomplete software, the performance of this smartphone seems to be impressively fast through several activities including multiple memory savvy actions going on in the background. If you look forward to powerful performance V10 will not disappoint you as the smartphone comes equipped with 6GB of RAM and a whopping 128GB of inbuilt storage. The memory can further be expanded with microSD card storage. But ultimately, we as reviewers are still in darkness about the performance as it the smartphone has not yet come loaded with its intended software.

Is it the first AI phone?

Honor View 10 has grabbed attention of many of us simply because of being labelled as the first AI powered phone. Well, incorporating artificial intelligence is really a good thing to enhance the user experience but to what extent it does that we still do not have a clear idea. Just as what Huawei Mate 10 did the developer team of the Honor View 10 actually partnered with Microsoft Translate to deliver live translation feature that according to the company would be able to translate in real time up to 300% faster compared to other phones in the market.

Superb camera, so it seems

Honor View 10 comes with dual-lens rear camera offering a 20MP monochrome lens and a 16MP RBG lens along with the flexibility to manoeuvre them with a bunch of modes. But what really makes the camera output of the phone stand apart is the wide virtual aperture capable to shoot with the range of F/.9 to F/16.

When it comes to camera and imaging features View 10 with its dual rear cameras and front camera can deliver a lot of intelligent features like detecting objects, suggesting settings to deliver the best light in your pics and auto mode to shoot images with optimized settings as decided by the camera software.

Final verdict

If you want us to give you a black and white judgment about the phone, we can tell nothing other than positive things about this smartphone. The Honor View 10 seems to be a complete flagship delivering fairly enough with an affordable price tag.

Superb almost bezel-free design and powerful performance coupled up with AI power make it a device fully worth a price tag roughed up around $450. Though we have to wait a month more before we get the fully equipped device along with EMUI software, all other aspects seem to give a positive nod about performance.

In final analysis the Honor View 10 can really be a stunner throwing stiff competition to other flagships looking to battle over value for money. While the latest offerings such as Huawei Mate 10 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro offers comparable specs at a much higher price, Honor View 10 seems to be a clear choice.

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