Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone X: Which Phone Offers Better Value Proposition?

Posted on Dec 5 2017 - 3:19pm by Vikash

Both Google Pixel 2 and iPhone X is out and presumably, it is the right time to weigh the value proposition offered by them. While Pixel 2 is the Google’s flagship offering with cutting edge camera and specs, iPhone X is Apple’s first ever all-screen phone with several never before features and the most expensive price tag.

Let’s clear the aura and hype over these new devices. iPhone X at first launch really looked futuristic in its design and formidable features and specs. Pixel 2 was also dubbed as best camera phone in market. All these buzzes and hypes apart, both come with equal USPs and both are coveted devices by millions of Android and iPhone users.

iPhone X vs Pixel 2

Quick Comparison Table:

iPhone XGoogle Pixel 2
Display Size 6-inch5-inch
Resolution 2436x11251920x1080
Processor A11Snapdragon 835
Rear Camera Dual 12MP12.3MP
Front Camera 7MP8MP
Storage 64/256GB64/128GB
Battery2716mAh2750 mAh


With iPhone X Apple has achieved many feats and brought together several design innovations together. It scrapped the signature home button of all the iPhones that has been a hallmark of the brand. Secondly, for the first time it delivered a nearly zero bezel and almost all-screen display. Lastly, after switching to large screen phones from the iPhone 6, for the first time Apple made so many design changes together. In more than one way iPhone X represents a true paradigm shift with a striking design.

Google Pixel 2 although didn’t do any upside-down things with its new and refurbished design, it looks more handy, sleek and smart with the new design. Pixel 2 is one of the thinnest smartphones in the market and its extremely lightweight as well.

The only glitch in the entire iPhone X front owner design is the small notch atop the screen that hides the front camera and Face ID scanner. Obviously, a strip of bezel above the screen could even be better than this disturbing notch. To our surprise, even wallpaper apps began to hide this notch in iPhone X.

Pixel 2 on the other hand, does not have any visible glitches except for the thick strip of bezels on top and bottom of the screen. Pixel 2 still looks glaring and eye candy with a slim built but less bezel could have made it’s front face more attractive.

The best thing is about the highest display to body ratio in iPhone X. Just the 5.5 inch display makes up almost the whole front face without adding much materials to the phone body.

The best thing about the Pixel 2 design is its split body material made of aluminum and glass. The aluminum made textured aluminum backside gives it more durability as it would be less prone to slip off the grasp. The dual tone rear side with attractive colour combinations made it more attractive in look.

It is probably the best design attribute of iPhone X. iPhone X also comes with full glass on the backside. This may give the phone a plush look but add to the weight and fragility of the device as well.


IPhone X came with a new OLED 5.8-inch screen that delivers sharp images with 1125 x 2436 pixel count at 458ppi. In comparison Pixel 2 display looks a little dull with just 4.97-inch delivered at Full HD resolution.

If you think, this piece of information is enough to outshine Pixel 2, you are wrong. The new Pixel 2 is equipped to deliver HDR quality video and media from online streaming services. With difference in price and other considerations in mind Pixel 2 still comes as a formidable choice.

Specs and Performance

iPhone X loaded with all state of the art hardware from Apple lab is certainly more powerful than most other smartphones in the market when you consider the specs. But just because it is brazenly expensive, you always like to find better value for money. Well, Pixel 2 also delivers the latest chipset from the Android fraternity and matches the power on every score with its big counterpart Pixel 2 XL. So, competitively, both phones do not have much difference in regard to speed and smooth execution of tasks.

iPhone X comes loaded with the latest and most advanced A11 Bionic chip, which is basically a custom built processor designed by Apple for ultimate speed and performance. So it is very unlikely to get disappointed on performance score with iPhone X. On the other hand Pixel 2 comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor known as the optimum high performance processor used by cutting edge Android phones. When it comes to the RAM, iPhone X runs with a 3GB RAM while Pixel 2 comes loaded with 4GB RAM.

Storage space

When it comes to storage iPhone X offers only two options, respectively as 64GB and 256GB, while Pixel 2 offers 2 storage options such as 64GB and 128GB. Both devices enhanced the entry level storage options to minimum 64GB and dumped 32GB option which has already become a trend in smartphone market.

Camera and imaging features

iPhone X obviously delivers one of the best camera systems with dual 12MP rear cameras among which one comes with a telephoto lens. Both rear cameras and the 7MP front-facing camera is equipped to shoot clear shots on the go thanks to optical image stabilization. The rear cameras use respectively f/1.8 aperture and f/2.8 aperture for both impressive long shots and clean portraits.

Google Pixel 2 without even boasting of dual rear camera has gained reputation as one of the best smartphone camera thanks to its impressive image processing algorithm developed by Google. It offers 12.2 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization and thanks to a new feature called Portrait Mode can deliver sharp DSLR grade portraits.

Face ID takes iPhone X apart

It is the Face ID recognition feature that sets iPhone X apart from most other smartphones in competition. The Face ID scanner hidden in the upper notch has been introduced to replace Touch for user authentication. iPhone X users thanks to this feature can unlock their phone or authenticate for other purposes just by showing their face to the frontal camera.

Final Verdict

Certainly with consideration to the huge difference in price tags, these two devices hardly can be considered as competitors. With an entry price of £999 that goes up to £1149 iPhone X is the most expensive phone appeared ever on the market. Naturally, all the high points we admire of this device seem not enough to win our verdict in regard to value for money. On the other hand, Pixel 2 with entry price of $599 that goes up to $749 seems to be a more value-for-money choice.

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