Compare iPhone X Vs iPhone 8 Plus: The Key Differences to Consider

Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 5:02pm by Vikash

The launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has become a little lustreless as the audience already has come to know about Apple’s most ambitious phone ever, iPhone X. Soaring price tag apart, for the first time Apple scrapped the home button and offered us an all-screen design. Most iPhone loyalists became overwhelmed with these three subsequent launches since they represent such breathtaking innovation and extraordinary features.

iphone x Vs iphone 8 plus

As far as comparison among all three devices is concerned, iPhone X dons the chart with fairly exclusive design and features while iPhone 8 remaining far behind and iPhone 8 Plus staying positioned in between. For all the would-be customers, loyalists and enthusiasts it is absolutely necessary to know the exact differences and the exclusive aspects that separate them. Here we present a comparative analysis of these 3 devices in brief.

Design: Futuristic VS Established

It is the design that represented a paradigm shift for the new iPhone X design with all-screen and least bezel besides scrapping g the home button completely. In this respect iPhone X fairly outshines other two devices in respect of sophistication and a truly breakthrough look and feel. Scrapping the home button and allowing the display to take the whole screen are really radical changes in new iPhone X while both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus represent basically the fourth generation of the same design launched years ago with iPhone 6.

As far as the form and size factors are concerned iPhone X comes with a dimension 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm and weighing just 174g. On the other hand, iPhone 8 Plus comes with 158.4 x 78.1 x 7.5 mm dimension and weighs just 202g. iPhone 8 Plus offers just one crucial design aspect compared to the iPhone X and it is their glass made backsides.

The best thing about iPhone X is that being just a few threads taller than iPhone 8 it provides much bigger display than iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone X champions the all-screen design with the best ever bezel to screen ratio among all iPhones to date.

Coming to available colour iPhone X comes with black and space grey while the other two are also available in gold. Are you curious about the plush limited edition of these phones? Well, as of now there has been no news of this, but it seems to be a possibility anytime soon. Lastly, all three devices are designed as water resistant.

Display: LCD VS OLED

Earlier it was LCD that made the material for iPhone display and it is no different with both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But iPhone X for the first time in iPhone fraternity came with OLED display. But iPhone 8 Plus actually offers a better pixel count while iPhone X with higher screen to body ratio and compact form makes a better display for viewers. While iPhone 8 and its Plus variants offers Tone Tone technology to ensure optimum colour balance in light and circumstances, the OLED display of iPhone X delivers unmatched contrast ratio while always proving to be highly power efficient.

Performance: Head To Head

From outside iPhone X seems to have a clear edge, but deep inside both iPhone 8 variants and iPhone X carry the most powerful chipset Apple has ever introduced. Apple A11 Bionic chipset is considered to have nearly two fold power and capability than the 835 Snapdragon of Qualcomm, the most used chipset across all advanced Android smartphones.

Face ID, A Clear Winner For iPhone X

iPhone X leads the show of these three iPhone devices with few exclusive features and one of them is the Face ID. iPhone X can map a user’s face in 3D through a dot projector inbuilt within the notch of the front display. The bionic chip controls a neural engine capable to handle as much as 600 billion operations to learn about a face. Face ID being able to make 3D scan of a face in all minutest details can help you unlock the device and authenticate across features and apps just by showing your face to the front camera.

Duel Dual Cameras

Both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus are equipped with dual cameras on both sides with a stunning 12 megapixel wide-angle lens and f/1.8 aperture camera for the main rear camera. Both have a second 12MP telephoto camera with the only difference of a slightly higher speed for the telephoto camera of the iPhone X. This provides iPhone X a better zoom compared to the other two options.

iphone x and iphone 8 plus camera

When it comes to imaging output, both iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are beneficiaries of the intelligent ISP or Image Signal Processor of Apple which will ensure best pixel count, low light focus and effective noise reduction in images.

Battery Life and Charging

If you are looking for a clear winner aspect for iPhone 8 Plus it is none other than the battery life. Compared to iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus battery seems to last a little longer while tested with same duration of talk time, browsing and playback. Both the devices can take charge wirelessly and they also gets lightning fast charge with wire.

Storage And Price

The storage for both iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus starts with 64GB, which is doubled compared to what was with previous iPhones. But on the higher level, the storage option goes to 256GB and there is no mid point as 128GB option for the device.

Now when it comes to price iPhone X literally comes with a soaring and ambitious price tag. Compared to this iPhone X plus looks rather affordable with a fairly comparable offerings in terms of performance, features and device functionalities. Only when you consider the price, iPhone 8 Plus seems to cut the deal with clear edge.

Final Verdict

With every upgraded iPhone taking over the previous iPhones, no single edition is secure to steal the show for longer than a year or so. But just because with iPhone X Apple finally changed its direction altogether, it can be remembered and revered a little longer than usual.

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