Compare iPhone X Vs. Google Pixel 2 XL: Choosing The Clear Winner

Posted on Nov 28 2017 - 3:31pm by Vikash

It has been more than a month since IPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL were launched with much fanfare and hype. Compared to the biggest iPhone offering which is iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL seemed rather a low key announcement but down the line in few weeks we all know that both are awesome handhelds with lot of never before features and abilities.

Just as iPhone X differs from all iPhones launched so far, Pixel 2 XL is also the most advanced Google smartphone from the Pixel lineup which came to market just the last year. While iPhone X touched a high note with its nest bezelless all-screen design and stunning display, Pixel 2 XL has arguably offered the best smartphone camera as of now. In look and in specs both seem to have lot of firepower to take the raging competition in smartphone market in their favour.

iPhone-X vs Google Pixel-2-XL Quick Comparison Table:

iPhone XGoogle Pixel 2 XL
Display Size6-inch5.8-inch
ProcessorA11Snapdragon 835
Rear CameraDual 12MP12MP
Front Camera7MP8MP


If you consider the respective strengths and weaknesses of iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL It should obviously start with the display. More precisely, it would be the OLED displays of both phones to consider first. Pixel 2 XL offers a big 6-inch OLED display with minimal bezels.

While the Super Retina HD display of iPhone X is made of Samsung made OLED display, Pixel 2 XL uses OLED display made by LG. This difference of make apart both displays have little difference in respect of quality visuals and performance.

For Apple it was their first OLED display in an iPhone. Keeping the company’s reputation of bringing in the best of class hardware in devices, the new iPhone X also ensured the best OLED display as of now in the smartphone market.

Color Reproduction: With the new iPhone X you have the best ever colour saturation in comparison to most OLED phones in the market. It is needless to say that this will ensure you the most real life images you ever come across in handheld devices. Lastly, many first time users complain of a slightly yellowish tinge in the visuals if iPhone X. Apart from this everything seems okay.

In complete contrast Pixel 2 XL really lags behind when it comes to saturation. In fact long after the phone was unleashed Verizon offered an upgrade with ‘Saturated’ setting and the software push alone could not solve the problem. By overall standard the colours look real but they can further be given more depth and accuracy.

Display Size: When it comes to the size of the display iPhone X outwits many in the competition, including obviously it’s latest Apple compatriot iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. With just 5.8-inch screen iPhone X display looks much taller than most phones simply because of the higher display to body ratio. The Pixel 2 XL display can be a little bigger, but with bezel still hugging the screen on both sides, it looks less overwhelming.

Design and built

iPhone X when it started creating the first wave of buzz with commercials, the discussions invariably were centered in the karke all-screen display but down the line in just few months the web is busy discussing on the little notch on top of its screen and many are considering it no less than a design glitch. It risks being an overstatement though, without this notch the iPhone X design seems flawless and overwhelmingly beautiful.

Pixel 2 XL seemingly doesn’t aim for shredding off its bezels for an all-screen look. But it still looks good with a thin strip of bezel on both top and above the screen.

The all glass backs of iPhone X look awesome and stunning but it also made the phone a little more fragile. For an expensive device like iPhone it is not a small thing to take notice. In comparison, the textured aluminium backs of the Pixel 2 XL will help holding the phone with solid and fastened grip.

When it comes to weight both phones almost feels identical but iPhone X with a little smaller body is easier to hold than the 6 inch taller Pixel 2 XL.


When it comes to camera, both phones achieve excellence in two different ways. While the iPhone X offers two different rear cameras positioned vertically, Pixel 2 XL achieves great photo shooting abilities and great quality with just one perfect camera equipped to the boot. Let’s take out the differences one by one.

iPhone X comes with two rear cameras, respectively the 12 MP primary sensor and a 12 MP telephoto sensor for capturing long shots. The telephoto camera is equipped with 2x optical zoom ability. It offers optical image stabilisation and several frame speeds for shooting HD and other qualities of video.

Pixel 2 XL comes with only one 12 MP rear camera equipped with digital zoom for long shots. The best thing about Pixel 2 XL camera is that it can deliver DSLR grade portraits and low light images thanks to several image capturing technologies introduced by Google. When it comes to image quality, Pixel 2 XL camera really excels even with just a single rear sensor.

Lastly, both phones with their front and rear cameras can grab outstanding selfies in portrait mode.


Pixel 2 and iPhone X may seem comparable in many regards and for regular use you may not find each one satisfactory with great machine output, but the most advanced A11 Bionic chip used in the iPhone X is capable to deliver far better performance compared to what Pixel 2 XL’s Snapdragon 835 chip does. The difference comes out in the open only when you use these devices for resource intensive tasks.

Standalone Features

Both iPhone X and Pixel 2 XL comes with an array of standalone features that further adds to the user experience for the buyers. Let’s have a look at few of them.

While both devices take security to the new level with biometric security, iPhone X does it with a great user friendly feature called Face ID. It replaces fingerprint scanner as from now the device will authenticate and recognise the user by his face.

iPhone X by grabbing facial expressions and converting them into animated ones, can help you use more lively expressions in place of old emojis. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about Animoji. In comparison the AR infused 3D stickers offered by Pixel 2 XL seems too simple and lustreless.

The best feature of Pixel 2 XL is its inbuilt Google Assistant, which is the smartest digital assistant around and at least twice faster and smarter than Siri. It allows Google Search practically with everything, real time images to everyday queries.

Battery Life And Charging

Both phones offer impressive battery life. But as the tests suggest, Pixel 2 XL battery last at least 2 hours longer than the iPhone X battery on a single charge. On the other hand, iPhone X offers easy wireless charging on its back while Pixel 2 XL comes with the same wired charging.

Value For Money

The Pixel 2 XL with 64GB of storage option costs $849 and by spending a $100 more you can get 128GB. The iPhone X costs staggering $999 for 64GB, and by spending $1,149 you can get 256GB storage option.

Final Verdict

For budget minded buyers who want to buy an advanced smartphone with everything on the edge, Pixel 2 XL seems to be the ideal choice. But for uncompromising choice for users who can spend a fortune for getting the most advanced phone, iPhone X, especially the 256GB option will be the Best Buy.

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